The Strong Alliance focuses on building a StrongMind, StrongBody, and StrongCharacter. With these three focal points, recreating and renewing your organzational behaviors and objectives will improve performance and morale. Strengthening these fundamental prinicipals of individual growth will result in growth of your entire team.  Mack Strong has the experience to motivate and inspire, as he shares his knowledge based on his own experience as a top level professional athlete and professional speaker.


Mack’s Playbook

A Playbook is filled with diagrams, tactics and strategies that a team will practice and utilize for conducting a successful campaign.  Whether you are a large corporation or small business, in a classroom or planning a retreat,  Mack’s Playbook is designed to guide you to success. Knowing the benefits of setting goals and striving to do whatever it takes to succeed in accomplishing those goals, The Strong Alliance will help motivate and educate your organization to be empowered and prepared for today’s obstacles.  To be successful in the NFL a team must master effective communication, understanding of the play, and decisive action. Mack will use his 14+ years experience as a leader and mentor in the NFL to customize a plan to address your overall team vision and goals.

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