Mack’s Philosophy

The Mack Strong Strong Alliance philosophy is based on recreating and renewing the health of your organization. The Strong Alliance strategies include; Strong Mind, Strong Body, Strong Character. All training is based on these three fundamental principals of individual growth for the good of the team. Mack will use his 14+ years experience as a leader and mentor in the NFL to customize a plan to address your overall team vision and goals.

Strong Mind StrongMind

A successful team requires each member to expand their thirst for knowledge and personal growth. The mindset for a successful team member is to know the game plan, be solution oriented, visualize and implement personal strategy, and evaluate effectiveness. The Strong Alliance training focuses on utilizing individual strengths to reach team goals and identifying areas of personal growth.

Strong Body StrongBody

A successful team requires each member to have a healthy work/life balance and physical well being.  A strong body is the framework that sustains each team member. A strong body demands a balance of exercise, rest and nutrition, so that each member can help the team reach their goals. The Strong Alliance training focuses on responsibility, respect and revitalizing the overall health of team.

Strong Character StrongCharacter

A successful team requires each member to be accountable and develop strong character traits. Strong character is the fuel that drives each team member and is the key in guiding the mind and body to healthy decision-making and respectful team relationships. The Strong Alliance training focuses on developing the character traits necessary for building a trusting and productive work environment.