“People don’t know. They see Mack as a football player, but his life is so much more than football. He’s a good guy, a good father and a good husband. And when he’s done with football, he will be successful at whatever he chooses to do.”

“Toughness–mentally and physically.  Inspiring–to the team and to the coaches.  Leadership–someone with a big heart.”

Mike Holmgren, retired Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks

“He made my job simple.  Mack had pride, but not a ego.  I told him we were always trying to replace him, but also trying to get him to the Pro Bowl at the same time.  I allowed him to know that he had to do better or we would replace him.  But it never seemed to bother him.  He just outworked everybody else and became better and better every year.”

Stump Mitchell, former Seattle Seahawks Running-back Coach, current Assistant Washington Redskins Coach

“I think Mack is the most fundamentally sound player I’ve ever come across in my seventeen years coaching at the professional level and fifteen years in college.”

“Obviously, Mack was a good professional player.  But the character he possessed is foremost in my mind.  As much as Mack accomplished on the field, he’s ten times better as a person.”

Dennis Erickson, former Head Coach of the Seahawks 1995-1998, currently Head Coach at Arizona State Sun Devils

“Mack is a man of deep integrity.   He’s like a moral compass for all of us.  He’s taken responsibility for the journey he’s on.  He is a great husband and a great Christian man.  I respect him for how real he is and is perspective on life.”

Matt Hasselbeck, Quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks

“Mack was so consistent.  He had such a great work ethic and great ability to handle any type of pressure.  I never played fullback before coming to Seattle, so I had to watch a lot of film and learn the blocking aspects of the running game.  Mack took me under his wing.  He taught me the definition of hard work.”

“We’ve been able to spend some good time together. Being around Mack, I’ve been learning how to be a good father and how to love my wife.  And he has helped my wife and me tremendously with our finances.”

Leanord Weaver, former Fullback of the Seattle Seahawks, currently Philadelphia Eagles

“Mack’s life is the true definition of worship and sacrifice. He’s willing to do whatever needs to be done to promote God’s cause. Mack has no ego. He’s willing to take the least seat of honor and never wants his back patted.”

Shaun Alexander, All-time Leading Rusher for the Seattle Seahawks